Chapel of the Holy Spirit

Chapel of the Holy Spirit

Text Box: Chapel of the Holy Spirit

The Chapel and its furnishings were dedicated by the 
Bishop of Connor the 
Rt. Rev. Arthur H. Butler, M.B.E., D.D.
on Sunday 20th May 1979
~ to the Glory of God ~

and in memory of

Richard Ashby ~ Margaret (Daisy) Boden ~
Ethel Craig ~ William Graham ~
Robert H Hardy ~ the McComb family ~ 
Robert Patterson (Senior) ~
the Robinson family (Vernon Street) ~
and is the outcome of work done and contributions made by
many parishioners and friends.

The Chapel of the Holy Spirit was dedicated by Rt Rev Arthur H Butler, Bishop of Connor in 1979. 

In 2006, the chapel was repainted and a new Altar Frontal, Pulpit Fall and Bookmarkers purchased.  It was rededicated on Sunday 3rd September 2006 by the Rector, Rev Robin H Moore.

The chapel is used regularly for worship and is a sanctuary for private prayer and reflection.

At the rededication service

From left to right -

Reople’s Church Warden: Mr Bill McMillan; Previous Rector: Rev Robin Moore;

Rector’s Church Warden: Mr Hugh Rodgers