Text Box: Reflection
I sit in quietness with my Lord
His presence all around.
These precious moments I afford
To worship Him who’s crowned
The King of Glory, Lord of all
And Saviour of my soul,
The one who’ll raise me when I fall,
O Lord I Thee extol.
Text Box: The Invisibles

As we come to church each Sunday, I’m sure you will agree
We expect the doors be open for the likes of you and me.
Do we glance into the garden which has lovingly been weeded,
Or did we see the grass was cut, a job that’s often needed?
The notices on the board outside, the ramps for those less able,
And every week the flowers that do adorn the Holy Table.
The many, many other tasks too numerous to mention
But every one important and require someone’s attention.
So, to everyone who does God’s work in one way or another,
And does it with such diligence, without a fuss or bother
We say a humble thank-you and perhaps give food for thought -
Is there anything that I could do, is there anything I ought?
Text Box: Senses
God gave me eyes that I might see
Christ Jesus die on Calvary,
He made my ears that I might hear
Christ’s loving words as death drew near.
My lips he formed that I might tell
He died for me – and you as well.
My beating heart God made to feel
His loving presence when I kneel
To thank Him for His only Son,
Who conquered death, the victory won,
Who took my every sin away
And rose again on Easter Day!
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Mary Magdalene

I stood and watched Him dying on the cross at Calvary

I tried to close my eyes and feel His pain.

I thought of my old life, what Jesus Christ had done for me

How could He leave me, how could I remain?


I bowed my head in sorrow, feeling lost and feeling shame

My dearest Friend now dying on the Cross

To never see Him any more nor speak His Holy Name

I never thought I’d know such dreadful loss.


And when it was all over and the Master cried aloud

I could not bear to see them bring Him down

His agony was over, His head was gently bowed

The ‘King of all the Jews’ who wore no crown..


I watched His grave to guard  Him but alas on that third day

At morning’s break I stared in disbelief

For someone had been to the tomb and rolled the stone away

My Lord had vanished – taken by a thief.


I stumbled blindly from His tomb, I wanted now to flee

When met a man who spoke to me and said

‘Do you not know me Mary?’ - it was glorious ecstasy

As I knew my Lord had risen from the dead.