The Outing!


Text Box: `Twas the day of the Ladies’ Guild Outing on Saturday June twenty three
To Newcastle we would travel, where the dark Mournes sweep down to the sea.
The bus journey there was so cheerful, the weather was really quite fine
And we even got treats
When Joan handed out sweets
All we hoped for now was the sun shine.

We arrived at our destination, the sky was all cloudy and grey
But we dandered along the town’s main street, we wouldn’t let that spoil our day.
After lunch and some shopping we’d head back, to meet Tommy again with the bus
Then we felt a few drops
As the rain came in plops
And the sky emptied down upon us.

It rained like there was no tomorrow, the street was a river it seemed
The hope for a day full of sunshine turned into a foolish daydream.
Some got back to the bus in a dry state, they had seen the poor weather alert 
But one who’ll be nameless
Was really quite shameless
As she took off her soaking wet skirt!

And then to add insult to injury, our attention to Joan it was led
She was wearing a rain hat quite fetching, as a droplet dripped down on her head.
The leak in the bus showed no mercy, but our President would not complain
So next year for a lark
We should travel by ark
Then we’ll not really care about RAIN!